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Delivery Time : 15-20 Day

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The product is soft and the bending radius is less than 5D; High and low temperature resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, wear resistance, cracking resistance and UV resistance; Good flame retardant performance; Good conductivity and little conductor temperature rise; All materials comply with rohs2.0 environmental standards.

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Brand : OMG'
Material : PVC
Color : Orange

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Electric Vehicle High-voltage Lines Are Used To Connect The Charging Port And The Battery, The Interior Of The Battery, The Battery And The Engine And Other Components, And Battery Energy Storage Equipment, Etc., As The Carrier Of Power Transmission.


The Components Of High-voltage Cables From The Inside To The Outside Include: Conductors, Insulation, Inner Sheath, Outer Insulation, And Shielded And Unshielded. Conductor Materials Include Various Conductor Types Such As Bare Copper, Tinned Copper, And Aluminum Alloys.


However, There Are Shielded Electric Vehicle High-voltage Lines, Shielded Electric Vehicle High-voltage Cables, And Shielded Electric Vehicle High-voltage Lines. It Is A Cable With The Ability To Resist External Electromagnetic Interference Formed By Adding A Shielding Layer To The Transmission Cable. The Shielding Layer Of This Cable Is Mostly Braided Metal Wire Or Metal Film, And There Are Many Different Ways Of Single Shielding And Multi-shielding. Single-layer Shielding Refers To A Single Shielding Mesh Or Shielding Film In Which One Or More Wires Can Be Wrapped. The Multiple Shielding Method Is Multiple Shielding Nets, And The Shielding Film Is In One Cable. Some Are Used To Isolate Electromagnetic Interference Between Conductors, And Some Are Double-layered Shielding To Enhance The Shielding Effect. The Shielding Mechanism Is To Ground The Shield To Isolate Interfering Voltages From External Connections To The Conductors. These Products Are Suitable For Transformers And Similar Equipment.


At Present, Commonly Used Non-conductive Insulating Materials Include Resin, Plastic, PVC Material, Silicone Rubber, Etc.; These Materials Are Used As The Insulating Layer Of The Cable, Which Can Prevent The Conductor From Contacting The Outside World And Avoid The Leakage Or Short Circuit Of The Cable. In Terms Of Use, Insulated Cables Have A Wide Range Of Applications; Most Of The Electrical Connection Wires Used In Our Homes Are Insulated Wires; Many Large High-rise Buildings, Electrical Equipment, Power Engineering, Etc. Use Insulated Cables. The Model Of Insulated Wire Is Also Directly Related To The Use. Different Letters Not Only Represent Different Models, But Also Different Uses. For Example, R Means Soft Copper Wire, S Means Twisted Pair Wire, And P Means Shielded Wire.


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