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Place of Origin : China,China
Delivery Terms : 15-20 Day
Delivery Time : 20-30day
Product Capacity : 10000

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Electric vehicle charging DC cable is a kind of power cable used in DC transmission and distribution system. DC cable is basically the same as AC cable except that its electrical characteristics are different from AC cable. It is mainly used in new energy vehicles, rapid charging of electric vehicles, service fields, etc.

Basic Information

Brand : OMG'
Model : Charge
Material : PVC
Color : Orange

Physical Specification

Other Specification : 

As The Charging Cable Of Electric Vehicle, It Is The Power Transmission Bridge Between Charging Pile And Vehicle. Its Main Application Range Can Be Used Indoors Or Outdoors. When The Charging Pile Cable Is Used Outdoors, It Should Meet The Erosion Of High Cold, Sunlight, Rain And Automotive Oil Substances, Which Requires The Cable To Have Special Performance Resistance Such As UV Resistance, Ozone Resistance, High And Low Temperature Resistance, Chemical Corrosion, Etc.


The New Energy Electric Vehicle Can Be Directly Plugged Into 220V Household Power Supply For Charging. When Consumers Buy Cars, Manufacturers Will Give Home Chargers As Gifts. However, The Charging Power Of The Car Charger Shown By The Manufacturer Is Very Low, Most Of Which Is Only 1.6kw. Take Electric Vehicles In The Market As An Example.


For Example, The Battery Capacity Of An Electric Vehicle Is 16.9kwh, And An On-board Charger Is Used. The Time From 0 To Full Charge Is 16.9kwh/1.6kw=10.5h. The Maximum Current Carried By 220V Household Electric Energy Is 16A. The Maximum Charging Power Is 220v*16a=3.5kw. Plug Directly Into 220V 16A Household Socket For Charging, And The Charging Power Is About 3.3kw. It Can Perfectly Match All New Energy Electric Vehicles. Using A 3.5kw Portable Charging Gun, The Time From 0 To Full Charging Is 16.9kwh/3.3kw=5.12 Hours. Its Speed Is Twice As Fast As The Car Charger I Gave When I Bought The Car.


The Specification, Model, Quality And Other Factors Of Electric Vehicle Charging Cable Will Also Affect The Charging Power. The Charging Process Puts Forward Higher Requirements For The Charging Cable. The Charging Cable Not Only Needs To Have The Power Transmission Function, But Also Needs To Change The State Of The Vehicle And Power Battery. The Information Is Transmitted To The Charging Pile For Real-time Interaction, And The Charging Action Is Controlled Under Necessary Conditions To Complete The Charging Process Safely And Reliably.


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