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Advantages of OMG products: The product is soft and the bending radius is less than 5D; High and low temperature resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, wear resistance, cracking resistance and UV resistance; Good flame retardant performance; Good conductivity and small conductor temperature rise; All materials comply with rohs2.0 environmental standards.

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Brand : OMG'
Material : PVC
Color : Orange

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How To Select The Electric Vehicle Charging Pile Cable? The Charging Pile Is Usually A High-power Intermittent Charging Facility That Provides Charging For One Or Several Vehicles. It Is Generally An Unattended Public Facility. The Charging Station Should Have Enough Power Supply To Charge Several To Dozens Of Battery Combinations At The Same Time. According To The Demand, The Pipe Pile Company Can Be Contacted To Reasonably Handle The Batteries Of Different Sizes For Charging.


As An Important Way Of Power Transmission, Charging Pile Cables Include European Standards, American Standards And New National Standards, Conductive Charging Interface Standards And Wire And Cable Specifications For Electric Vehicles:


Relevant Standards / Specifications. At Present, There Are Five Conductive Charging Interface Systems In The World.

IEC 62196-1,2. AC Charging Standards Mainly Adopted In European Countries; IEC 62196-3 Mainly Defines The Interface Of DC Charging Point.


SAE J1772 Is The Earliest Charging Interface Standard Implemented At Present. It Is Widely Used In The United States And Japan. Its Five Core AC Charging Interfaces Are Defined As Class 1 Interfaces In IEC 62196.


GB / T 20234,1,2,3 Is The Current National Standard, Which Solves The Problem Of Inconsistent Charging Interfaces In Different Regions And Power Grid Companies In China.


The Main Members Of Chademo Are Mostly From Japan. In Order To Promote The Unification Of Japanese Fast Charging Specifications, Chademo Is Mainly Adopted By Japanese Automobile Manufacturers.


Charging Cable: Mainly Composed Of Conductor, Insulating Layer, Shielding Layer And Sheath


1. Conductor: Multi Strand Fine Stranded Oxygen Free Copper Wire, Meeting Relevant Standards

2. Insulation Layer: Special Mixed PVC Insulation Material

3. Inner Sheath: Anti-oxidation Tinned Copper Mesh Woven Shielding Layer, Which Can Effectively Prevent The Interference Of Various Signals

4. Outer Sheath And Color: Pur Polyurethane Material; Grey, Black, Orange (can Be Customized According To Customer Requirements).

5. Rated Voltage: New National Standard Ac/dc Cable Ac450/750v; European Standard Ac300/500v, 450/750v; DC1000V; American Standard 300V, 600V Or 1000V

6. Test Voltage: 2500V

7. Test Temperature: High And Low Temperature Resistance, -40? To +105?

8. Minimum Bending Radius: ≥ 6* Outer Diameter


The Charging Point Can Be Divided Into Single-phase And Three-phase. Whether It Is Two-phase Or Single-phase, It Shall Be Converted Into AC Incoming Line Current First. For Single-phase Charging Point (AC Charging Point), I=p/u; For Three-phase Charging Point (DC Charging Point), I=p/ (u*1.732). It Can Be Concluded That The Cable Should Be Selected According To The Current. (for Cable Selection, Please Refer To Relevant Manuals Or Regulations). Single Phase Charging Pile Is Generally 7KW (AC Charging Pile) I=p/u=7000/220=32a, And 4mm2 Copper Core Cable Shall Be Selected; Three Phase Charging Pile (DC Pile) 15kw Current 23a Cable 4mm2; 30kW Current 46a Cable 10mm2; 60kW Current 92a Cable 25mm2; 90kw Current 120a Cable 35mm2.


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