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C9 aromatic hydrocarbon resin for printig inks SH-L140 - Product



Place of Origin : Puyang,China
Delivery Time : 15 Days
Product Capacity : 1000ton/tons/month
Payment Terms : L/C,T/T

Product Description

1.product advantage:
SH-C9 petroleum resin as a modified aromatic resin with high softening point widely used in printing ink as a link agent and asphalt modifier etc.
2.It has the following characteristic :
Stain resistance
Good tackify characteristic
Decrease the set time and increase the gloss
Good compatibility with rosin modified phenolic resin

Basic Information

Brand : Shenghongchem

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Index Test Method Unit C9 Hydrocarbon Resins Type SH-130 SH-140 SH-150 Soften ASTM E 28-58 130 140 150 Color ASTM D-1544 # 6-18 8-18 8-18 Acid Value ASTM D-974 Vol% 0.5 Max 0.5max 0.5max

Company Inforamtion
Puyang Shenghong Chemical Co., Ltd.
[ Exporter - China ]
 : No. 241Jingkai Road, Puyang City, Henan, China
 : 86-393-6630858

 : lucy
 : 86-393-6630858
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