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C9 Aromatic hydrocarbon resin for adhesive SH-L100 - Product



Place of Origin : Puyang,China
Delivery Time : 15 Days
Product Capacity : 1000ton/tons/month
Payment Terms : L/C,T/T

Product Description

Increase the adhesiveness of adhesives
Improve the resistance to acid ,alkali and water
2. Application:
In the industry of adhesive and seaslant ,C9 petroleum resin plays an important role as tie resin .SH series petroleum resins are suitable to the petroleum resin of hot melt adhesive .They have good compatibility with SIS,SBS,SEBS,SEPS natural rubber,synthic rubber and EVA etc

Basic Information

Brand : Shenghongchem

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Index Test Method Unit C9 Hydrocarbon Resins Type SH-90 SH-100 SH-110 Softening ASTM E28-58 90 100 110 Color ASTM D-1544 # 5-18 8-18 8-18

Company Inforamtion
Puyang Shenghong Chemical Co., Ltd.
[ Exporter - China ]
 : No. 241Jingkai Road, Puyang City, Henan, China
 : 86-393-6630858

 : lucy
 : 86-393-6630858
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