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Place of Origin : Zibo,China
Payment Terms : Lc Or Tt

Product Description

1.purity 50% min
2.good chemical stability in water and good anti-corrosion effect under high concentration.
3.used as corrosion inhibitor and treating agent for metal surface.
4.special effect to calcium carbonate.

Basic Information

Brand : DF
Color : Colorless To Pale Yellow Liquid

Physical Specification

Other Specification :  EDTMPS Is Nitrogenous Organic Polyphosphonic Acid, A Part Of Cathodic Corrosion Inhibitor,the Corrosion Rate Of EDTMPS Is 3~5 Times Better Than That Of Inorganic Polyphosphate. EDTMPS Can Be Fully Dissolved In Water,innocuous And None Pollution To Environment, Has Good Chemical Stability And Thermal Tolerance,it Shows Excellent Scale Inhibition Ability Under Temperature 200℃. EDTMPS Can Be Chelated With Many Metal Ions To Form Polymer Reticulation Complex, To Destroy The Normal Crystallization Of Calcium Scale.It Shows Better Antiscale Effects To Calcium Sulfate And Barium Sulfate.

Company Inforamtion
Zouping dongfang chemicals Co.,Ltd
[ Exporter - China ]
 : No.5 Baiyun Road,haosheng industry zone,zibo,shandong,China
 : 86-543-4500017

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