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Suffer Main Used In Dyes, Pesticides, Matches, Gunpowder Sulfur Is Pale Yellow, Odorless, Brittle Solid, Which Is Insoluble In Water But Soluble In Carbon Disulfide. Properties: Sulfur Is Pale Yellow, Odorless, Brittle Solid, Which Is Insolub ...Read More


Application: 1. Used As Main Auxiliary Of Synthetic Wash, Soap Synergistic Agent, Water Softener, Leather Pre-tanning Agent, Dye Auxiliary Agent, As Dispersant Of Suspension Such As Paint, Kaolin, Magnesium Oxide, Calcium Carbonate Drilling Mud, An ...Read More


XANTHAN GUM CAS No: 11138-66-2 Synonyms: Corn Sugar Gum Molecular Formula: (C35H49O29)n Food Grade Xanthan Gum Can Be Widely Used As Salt / Acid Resistant Thickener, High Efficient Suspension Agent And Emulsifier, High Viscosity Filling Agent I ...Read More


Properties: Shaped Like Lump, Flake; Saturated Fatty Acid Mainly With C16 And C18, White Flake Solid At Ambient Temperature, Not Dissolved In Water, Slightly Dissolved In Benzene And Carbon Bisulfide, And Easily Dissolved In Hot Alcohol. No Smell No ...Read More