Wickr: Roseli2020 Whatsapp: 0086-17161183266 Mail: Rose@hmchemlab.com We Supply And Export High Quality Research Chemicals In Large And Small Quantities. Our Our Products Are Of High Purity (over 99%). Products Are As Follows: 7DF, 6cladba, 2F ...Read More

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We Are The Manufacturer Of FERRIC CHLORIDE And FERROUS CHLORIDE In China. Pls Contact 3r@hz3r.com Or Sales1@hz3r.com,008617169971681.http://www.3rferricchloride.cn,https://www.facebook.com/3rtracy 3R With 9 Factories Almong Them Are 3R Environm ...Read More

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Bailin Group Co.,Ltd Is A Leading Manufacturer Of Sodium Gluconate In China. Sodium Gluconate Can Be Used As A Concrete Admixture In Construction. It Has The Function Of A Water Reducing Agent And A Retarder In Concrete. Sodium Gluconate Concrete ...Read More

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Introduction The Formula Of The Raw Materials Of The Tofu Cat Litter Is Mainly Grains Such As Bean Curd Residue, Pea Fiber, Corn Starch, Etc. The Raw Materials Are Food Grade, Rich In Protein And Carbohydrates, And Free Of Oil. In The Production Pr ...Read More

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Application Of Dipropylene Glycol Butyl Ether (DPNB) Application In Coating: As One Of The Best Film-forming Auxiliaries Of Water-based Paints, DPNB Can Be Used As The Coagulant Of Acrylic Resin, Phenylethylene Acrylic Resin And Polyvinyl Acetate G ...Read More

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The Solvent For Coating Systems; Additive In Paint Removers; The Component In Hydraulic Fluids. Starting Material For The Production Of Esters Used As Plasticizers. It Reacts With Acids To Form Esters, Oxidizing Agents To Form Aldehydes Or Carbox ...Read More

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Use Of DIBC Diisobutyl Ketone (DIBK) Is A Transparent Liquid With A Distinct Odor And A High Boiling Point. It Is An Heavy-end Byproduct Of Producing MIBK. DIBK Is Used In Many Applications Such As Nitrocellulose Lacquers, Synthetic Resins, Coatings ...Read More

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CAS: 123-42-2 Uses Of Diacetone Alcohol (DAA) DAA Is Used As A Raw Material For High Boiling Point Solvents, Paint Diluents, Wood Stains, Rust Removers, And Dyes, Etc. DAA Is Used As A Dye Raw Material And Resin Solution. It Can Be Used As A S ...Read More

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Application Of Cyclohexanone It Is The Raw Material For The Production Of Caprolactam And Adipic Acid; Used As The Solvents And Diluent Agents Of Paints, Inks, Synthetic Resins And Synthetic Rubber; Also Used As The Leather Degreasing Agent. Used ...Read More

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Hexaphenylcyclotrisilazane Is One Of The Most Important Cyclosiloxanes. It Has Good Hydrolysis Stability Because Its Phenyl Groups Have High Steric Hindrance. It Can Effectively Improve The Heat Resistance Of Silicone Rubber If It Is Applied To Heat ...Read More

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It Is A Good Monomer For The Synthesis Of Polymers. It Can Be Used As Coatings And Silicone Rubber Performance Parameters Of 1,1,3,3-Tetramethyldisilazane CAS.15933 59 2 Molecular Weight 133.34 Density (25 ?) G / Cm3 0.752 Flashpoint (closed ...Read More

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Order@typugroup.com Whats Up:+86 16710893336 Wickr Me:tpanne Product Name:  Eutylone CAS No.: 802855-66-9 Molecular Formula: C13H17NO3 Molecular Weight: 235.28 Other Name:  Eutylone;DL-eutylone;CTK6F2114;1-(2H-1,3-Benzodioxol-5-yl)-2-(et ...Read More

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Hanbon Advanced Chromatography Systems Has Reliable Performance And Flexible Configuration, And Can Provide Bio-Lab® Laboratory Chromatography System, Bio-Pro® Pilot&process Chromatography System, Etc. Ommon Principles Of Process Scale-Up: Linea ...Read More

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Catalog No.:ALS10991 Aolisenchem Provides Chemical Intermediates 4-Methoxy-1H-indole CAS#4837-90-5, It Is A Reactant For Alpha-ethyltryptamines As Dual Dopamine-serotonin Releasers. Specifications Of 4-Methoxy-1H-indole CAS#4837 90 5 Appearance: ...Read More

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The So-called Pharmaceutical Intermediates, That Is, The Production Process Of Pharmaceutical Products, The Use Of Raw Materials, Materials, Excipients, And Other Intermediate Pharmaceutical Products. In Fact, Many Pharmaceutical Intermediates Manufa ...Read More

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Added To Food To Maintain Or Improve The Safety, Freshness, Taste, Texture, Or Appearance Of Food Substances Are Known As Food Additives. Feed Supplements And Feed Additives Are Small Amounts Or Trace Substances Added During The Production, Processin ...Read More

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ATP's Modified TPEs Product Series (Compounded/Modified TPEs) Is A Matrix Resin With SEBS/SEPS As The Core. According To Different Application Requirements, Combined With Other Different Types Of Resins (PP, PE, PS, PA, Etc.), Flame Retardants, Funct ...Read More

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The Use Of Resin Method To Extract And Separate Uranium Is One Of The Commonly Used Methods, And It Is More Suitable For The Leaching Solution Containing Low Uranium Concentration. The Resin Adsorption Method Has The Characteristics Of High Exchange ...Read More

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