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PE-X/Steel/PE-X Pressure Pipe Production Line - Product




Place of Origin : Guangzhou,China
Delivery Terms : FOB, CIF
Delivery Time : 60-90 Days
Payment Terms : L/C, T/T

Product Description

PE-X/Steel/PE-X multi-layer pressure pipe is originated by Guangzhou Advance-Tech Co. Ltd and improved over and over again for 10 year. The PE-X/Steel/PE-X multi-layer pressure pipe takes HDPE as the inner and outer layers, butt weledd thin wall steel pipe as the middle layer. Thermosol is used to adhere the layers. This kind of multi-layer pipe has the advantages of both metal and plastic pipes, and its service pressure can reach 2.5Mpa (25bar).

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Introductions For PE-X/Steel/PE-X Pressure Pipe PE-X/Steel/PE-X Multi-layer Pressure Pipe Is Originated By Guangzhou Advance-Tech Co. Ltd And Improved Over And Over Again For 10 Year. The PE-X/Steel/PE-X Multi-layer Pressure Pipe Takes HDPE As The Inner And Outer Layers, Butt Weledd Thin Wall Steel Pipe As The Middle Layer. Thermosol Is Used To Adhere The Layers. This Kind Of Multi-layer Pipe Has The Advantages Of Both Metal And Plastic Pipes, And Its Service Pressure Can Reach 2.5Mpa (25bar). PE-X/Steel/PE-X Multi-layer Pipe Characteristics: A) 5-later Structure, Corrosion Resistance, High Pressure Bearing, Oxygen Barrier, Good Mechanical Strength; B) Low Corrosion Cost Comparing With Steel Pipe Of The Same Pressure Degree; C) Low Expansion Coefficient, Creep Resistance; D) Flexibility; E) Light Weight; F) Applied Widely In Water, Gas And Oil Transportation. Production Line Performance And Characteristics: A) Original Continuous Forming And Welding For Thin Wall Steel Pipe, Synchronous Extrusion Of Inner And Outer Plastics, 5 Layers Composition Technique; B) Process Knowhow On Adhering Steel Strip To Plastic; C) Provide Optimum Process Parameters, Ensure Making Products Conforming To National Standard; D) Use PLC Control System And Standard Bus,realize Full Closed Loop Control; E) Employ Special CAM Technique And Measuring Method To Make Precise Forming Dies; F) The Line Can Be Used To Produce Stainless Steel Plastic Multi-layer Pipe, PPR Pipe, PEX Pipe, Etc.

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