Guangzhou Advance-Tech Co., Ltd. - Guangzhou, China


Guangzhou Advance-Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 1988, which focuses on composite pipe technique and develops proprietary intellectual property rights all the time. Guangzhou Advance-Tech masters core technique in international top-ranking composite pipe production lines and possesses more than 100 patents on Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe(RTP), PE-X/Steel/PE-X Composite Pipe, Butt-welded PE-X/Al/PE-X Composite Pipe, Stable PPR Composite Pipe Production line technique, etc. In the early of 2000, Guangzhou Advance-Tech passed ISO9001 international certification and most of its products have gotten CE certificates.

Company tenet: To improve life standard and protect environment, through our creative and innovative high quality products.
Company Motto: To become a green pipe revolution pioneer.
Company spirit: Strive for Excellence, Work with Perseverance.

Our company headquarter is located in Tianhe Hi-tech park, Guangzhou ,where is only one river distance between our company and Guangzhou international exhibition fair.

Our factory is located in Xinhua Auto Industrial Zone Huadu District, Guangzhou, Which is in possession of R&D, manufacturing, marketing sales , service, QA system including ISO9001 certificate on 2000. We have been focusing on researching new pipe technology and self-reliant latest innovation serial pipe production line, since we have an experienced high technical team group applied themselves to welding ,computerized control, plastic processing and precision machine technology innovation, who hold the high-class advanced composite pipe manufacturing technology.

Our main products are reinforced thermoplastic pipe (RTP) composite pipe production line ,PE-X/Steel/PE-X (PSP) composite pressure pipe production line, High-speed butt-welded PE-X/Al/PE-X (PAP) composite pipe production line, together with designing and manufacturing many kinds of entire automation pipe line etc.

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