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Medium voltage variable frequency drives - Product




Place of Origin : Zhuhai,China
Delivery Terms : FOB, CIF, CFR
Delivery Time : 50 Days
Product Capacity : 300 Sets/year
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C

Product Description

Sinopak MVVFD includes integrated structure and split-type structure based on capacity. The integrated structure is adopted in low capacity MV VFD and the split-type structure is adopted in high capacity MV VFD.

Basic Information

Brand : Sinopak
Expiry/Validation Period : Permanent

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Medium Voltage Input 3KV, 3.3KV, 4.16KV, 6KV, 6.6KV, 10KV, 11KV (-20%~+15%) 50/60 Hz±10% Medium Voltage Output 0~Rated Voltage 0~50/60 Hz, 0.01 Hz Multilevel PWM Sin Wave, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) < 4% Performance Inversion Efficiency At An Rated Load > 98.5%, Overall Efficiency (including The Transformer) > 97% Power Factor (within The Range Of Speed Regulation) > 0.95, Power Factor (at A Rated Load) > 0.97 Overload Capacity: 110%: Long-term Stable Operation, 120%: 1 Minute, 150%: 2 Seconds, And 160%: Prompt Protection Allowable Outage Duration: 200 Ms (and Longer Under Light Load) Mean Time Between Failures: > 100,000 Hours Control Mode: Flux Optimization And Control With Space Vector PWM Acceleration/deceleration Time: 1 To 3,600 Seconds Switching Quantity Input/output:11-way/10-way Analog Input: 4-way (optional: 0 To 5 V, 4 To 20 MA) Analog Output: 3-way (optional: 0 To 10 V, 4 To 20 MA ) Communications: RS485 Interface, Modbus-based (optional Profibus-DP And Ethernet Interfaces) Control Power Supply: Single-phase 220 V AC, 5kVA Excitation Control ( Dedicated For The Synchronous Motor) Automatic Excitation Control, Manual Excitation Control, Multi-stage Speed Excitation Control, And External Excitation Control For The MVVFD Environment: Operating In Indoor Environment Without Explosive Or Corrosive Gases, Conductive Dust, Or Oil Fog Operating Ambient Temperature: 0 Degree~+45 Degree Storage And Transportation Temperature: -40 Degree ~+70 Degree Ambient Humidity: < 90% (No Condensation) Operating Altitude: Derating Required For An Altitude Greater Than 1000 Meters

Company Inforamtion
Zhuhai Sinopak Electric Ltd.
[ Manufacturer - China ]
 : Room 202, Block A, No. 80 Shishan Village, Hengqin Town
 : +86-15989754164

 : Ashley Lin
 : +86-15989754164
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