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Explosion-proof variable frequency drive - Product




Place of Origin : Zhuhai,China
Delivery Terms : FOB, CIF, CFR
Delivery Time : 90 Days
Product Capacity : 50 Sets/year
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C

Product Description

Main Application
1.Soft start and speed control of heavy-duty scraper conveyor, automatic energy saving running mode

2.Soft start and speed control of heavy-duty belt conveyor, automatic energy saving running mode

Basic Information

Brand : Sinopak
Expiry/Validation Period : Permanent

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Key Product Features 1.High Reliability And High Efficiency Based On The IGCT(IGBT) Power Semiconductors 2.Exceptionally High Torque And Speed Performance Based On DTC Vector Control Platform 3.Pure Sinusoidal Voltage And Current Output Based On ABB Special Output Sine Filter 4.No Special Demand For Motors, Easy To Drive Special Or General Motors 5.Long Cable Distance Between VFD And Motor Is Permitted For 5000m 6.Rectification Technology Based On 12-pulse Conforms To GB14549-1993, IEEE519/1992 And UKG5/3 7.Total Power Factor: >0.95 Over Speed Regulation Range 8.Full Output Torque At Low Speed 9.Power Loss Ride Through 10.Normal Running, Regular Examine And Repairing Mode Can Be Selected To Meet The Demand Of Production 11.Local, Head Of The Scraper Conveyor And Remote Control Can Be Selected 12.Master-follower Dynamic Tracing Control, Fast Dynamic Mutual Co-ordination And Load Share 13.Standard One To One Running Mode; One To Two Running Mode Is Optional. 14.World Leading VFD Water-cooling Technology 15.Perfect Protection Function: Such As Motor Stall, Motor Phase Loss, Supply Phase Loss, Over Current, Short Circuit, Overvoltage , Under Voltage, Earth Leakage Lockout, Earth Leakage, Communication Fault 16.Easy To Realize Process Interlock Control 17.Parameter LCD Display And Setting Rated Input Voltage:6KV/10KV(-15%~+10% At Full Load) Number Of Phase/frequency:3/50Hz±5% Power Factor:>0.95 VFD Output Power:PJV-2200/3.3(2200KW) BPJV-1600/3.3(1600KW) BPJV-1250/3.3(1250KW) BPJV-855/3.3(855KW) Voltage:Sine Wave, 0V~3.3KV Over Load:Typical 150%/Min (120%-300% Optional ) Frequency:0~50Hz(0~66Hz) Torque Response:<10ms Control Input/output Interfaces:16 DI/16DO Communication:Ethernet Signa Isolation:Photoelectric/Isolated Gate Signal Transmission:Fiber-optical Frequency Accuracy:0.1% Efficiency:>97%

Company Inforamtion
Zhuhai Sinopak Electric Ltd.
[ Manufacturer - China ]
 : Room 202, Block A, No. 80 Shishan Village, Hengqin Town
 : +86-15989754164

 : Ashley Lin
 : +86-15989754164
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