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Place of Origin : Xiangyang,China
Delivery Terms : FOB
Delivery Time : 30 Days After Payment
Product Capacity : 1000 Sets Per Month
Payment Terms : TT

Product Description

Our WGQ8 series soft starter are suitable for cage motors of 3-phase AC 50 ~ 60 Hz, rated working voltage is 380V, rated working power is 5.5kw ~ 550kw. for water pumps, crushers, ball mills, fans, compressors etc.

Basic Information

Brand : Worldsure
Model : WGQ8
Color : Grey

Physical Specification

Other Specification : I. Product Name: Soft Starter II. Mode: WGQ8-3000 III. Applications: Our WGQ8 Series Soft Starter Are Suitable For Cage Motors Of 3-phase AC 50 ~ 60 Hz, Rated Working Voltage Is 380V, Rated Working Power Is 5.5kw ~ 550kw. For Water Pumps, Crushers, Ball Mills, Fans, Compressors Etc. IV. Features: 1. With Strong Anti-interference Ability, Adopt High Performance Microprocessor Digital Control, Reliable Enough. 2. Human-machine Interface: Consisted By 128*64 Dot Matrix Character LCD, 3 Signal Indicators, 6 Simple Keyboard, Show The Data Directly, Easy To Operate 3. Six Kinds Of Starting, Suitable For Many Machines A. Voltage Slope Start--suitable For High Inertia Machines B. Current- Limit Start-- Suitable For Machines The Current Is Less Than 70% Ie C. Kick Start -- Suitable For High Static Friction Force D. Slope Steady Start -- Suitable For High Inertia And Low Static Friction Force Machines E. Steady Start -- Suitable For Light Load Machines F. Point Start-- To Check The Running Direction Of Motor 4. Two Kinds Of Stop A. Free Stop B. Soft Stop: The Higher The Setting Voltage, The Shorter The Setting Stop Time, And The Shorter The Actual Stop Time. 5. Many Kinds Of Protection, Make The Motor More Reliable And Safer. 6. Communication: With DCS Remote Control Interface And RA485 Communication Interface 7. Analong Output: 4~30mA Standard Analog Current Output 8. Installation: Compact Structure, Small Size, Easy To Install And Maintain. V. Advantages 1. Reduce The Start Current Of Motor, Reduce The Peak Current Of Power Supply, Reduce The Cost Of The Machines 2. Reduce The Capacity, Avoid Investment Caused By Capacity Increase 3. Reduce Machine Stress, Prolong The Life Span Of Motor

Company Inforamtion
Worldwide Electric Group Co.,Ltd
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