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Place of Origin : Zaozhuang,China

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The product you're describing appears to be a type of chemical accelerator used in the rubber industry, specifically for the vulcanization process. Here are some key points based on the description provided:

Physical Specification

Other Specification : 

The Product You're Describing Appears To Be A Type Of Chaical Accelerator Used In The Rubber Industry, Specifically For The Vulcanization Process. Here Are Some Key Points Based On The Description Provided:

  1. Odour And Taste: It Has A Slightly Foul Odour And A Bitter Taste, Which Is Typical For Many Chaical Compounds Used In Industrial Applications.

  2. Non-Poisonous: The Product Is Described As Non-poisonous, Which Is An Important Safety Characteristic, Especially In An Industry Where Direct Contact With Materials Is Common.

  3. Solubility:

    • Easily Soluble: In Ethyl Acetate (referred To As "ethyl Acetone" In The Description, Which Is Likely A Typographical Error), Acetone, And Dilute Solutions Of Sodium Hydroxide And Sodium Carbonate.

    • Soluble: In Ethanol (ethyl Alcohol).

    • Not Easily Soluble: In Benzene.

    • Insoluble: In Water And Gasoline.

  4. Use As An Accelerator: It Is Classified As A Hai-ultra Accelerator, Which Means It Is A Type Of Accelerator Used To Speed Up The Vulcanization Process Of Rubber.

  5. Applications In Rubber Industry:

    • Extensively Used In The Vulcanization Of Both Natural And Synthetic Rubbers.

    • Key Component In The Manufacturing Of Various Rubber Products Such As Tires, Belts, Shoes, And Technical Rubber Goods.

  6. Technical Rubber Goods: The Term "technical Rubber Goods" Refers To A Wide Range Of Rubber Products That Are Used In Various Technical Applications, Often Requiring Specific Properties Such As Resistance To Heat, Chaicals, Or Wear.

  7. Manufacturing Process: In The Manufacturing Process, This Accelerator Helps To Create A Network Of Cross-links Within The Rubber, Which Gives It Strength, Elasticity, And Durability.

  8. Safety And Handling: While The Product Is Non-poisonous, It Is Still Important To Handle It With Care, Following Proper Safety Procedures To Protect Workers And The Environment.

  9. Regulations And Standards: The Use Of Such Accelerators In The Rubber Industry Must Adhere To Relevant Regulations And Standards To Ensure The Safety And Quality Of The Final Products.

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It's Important To Note That While The Product Is Described As Non-poisonous, It May Still Have Other Health Or Environmental Effects, So It Should Be Used In Accordance With The Manufacturer's Guidelines And Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

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ZaoZhuang Huachi Shuichuli
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