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Polyurethane curing agent.MOCA,HQEE,HER,MCDEA - Product



Place of Origin : Suzhou,China
Delivery Terms : FOB.CIF.CFR
Delivery Time : ASAP
Product Capacity : 15000/YEAR
Payment Terms : T/t L/c

Product Description

Xiangyuan is specialized in producing polyurethane curing agents. Our company has become a modern enterprise integrating R&D, production and sale through dozens of years of development. Our registered trademark "XIANGYUAN" curing agents include MOCA, HQEE, HQEE-L, HER, HER-L, XYlink MCDEA, XYlink1604, XYlink311, P-1000, P250, P650, OCA, H2, etc.

Basic Information

Brand : Xiangyuan
Material : Polyurethane Curing Agent

Physical Specification

Size or Volume : Granule
Other Specification :  Chemical Name: 4,4'-methylene-bis-(ortho-chloroaniline) (MOCA) CAS No.: 101-14-4 SPECIFICATIONS Appearance Pale Yellow Granular Pellet Melting Range 98 -- 102 Moisture % < 0.30 PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Bulk Density (24) / G/cm3 1.44 Liquid Density (107) / G/ml 1.26 Amine Value / Mmol/g 7.4-7.6 Free Aniline % < 1.00 Color (Gardner) < 4 Acetone Insoluble Matter % <0.04 Water Absorption Tendency None Storage Stability Stable, Decomposes Above 200 SOLUBILITY Very Soluble In Acetone, DMF, DMSO, MEK And THF. Soluble In Ethanol, Toluene And Benzene. Insoluble In Water. APPLICATIONS Curing Agent For Polyurethane Elastomers And Cast Polyurethanes. Curing Agent For Epoxy Or Epoxy Urethane Resin. FORMULATIONS MOCA-HR Is Usually Used To Cure Prepolymers That Are Produced From TDI Reacted With Polyether Or Polyester Polyol. The Prepolymer Normally Contains NCO Of 4.2 - 4.3 %. Pot Life Is Usually 8 - 10 Minutes. MOCA-HR Will Show A Significant Reduction In Properties If Heated For Long Periods Of Time At Temperatures In Excess Of 121. TOXICITY LD50 (Rats) 5000mg/kg. OSHA PEL 0.02ppm (8-hour TWA), ACGIH TLV 0.01ppm. MOCA Has Been Classified As A Carcinogen Since 1973, Based Upon Test Results With Laboratory Animals. In 1992, ACGIH, After Reviewing Existing Information, Continued The Classification Of MBOCA As A "Suspect Human Carcinogen". STORAGE MOCA-HR Should Be Stored In A Dry Location. PACKAGING Net 50-kg Carton Drum With Polyethylene Liner.

Company Inforamtion
Suzhou Xiangyuan Special Fine Chemical Co,. Ltd
[ Manufacturer - China ]
 : No 25 Pingsi Road Suzhou
 : +86-512-67536550

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 : +86-512-67536550
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