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Testosterone powder is a steroid hormone secreted by male testes or female ovaries. The adrenal also secretes a small amount of testosterone, which has the effect of maintaining muscle strength and quality, maintaining bone density and strength, refreshing and improving physical fitness.

Medical Uses: For the treatment of non-testis replacement therapy, menopausal syndrome, impotence, and other diseases.

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Testosterone Powder Is A Steroid Hormone Secreted By Male Testes Or Female Ovaries. The Adrenal Also Secretes A Small Amount Of Testosterone, Which Has The Effect Of Maintaining Muscle Strength And Quality, Maintaining Bone Density And Strength, Refreshing And Improving Physical Fitness.


Medical Uses: For The Treatment Of Non-testis Replacement Therapy, Menopausal Syndrome, Impotence, And Other Diseases.


Sports Use: Increase The Number Of Muscles. Some People Who Exercise To Increase Their Muscle Mass Even Use A Dose That Is 250 Times The Therapeutic Dose.


Androgens Promote The Synthesis Of Proteins And The Growth Of Tissues That Possess Androgen Receptors. The Utility Of pure Testosterone Powder can Be Divided Into Anabolic And Masculine Effects. Anabolic Effects Include Increased Muscle Mass And Strength, Increased Bone Density And Strength, Stimulated Linear Growth, And Skeletal Maturation. Male Effects Include The Maturation Of Sexual Organs (especially The Generation Of The Penis And Fetal Scrotum), Postpartum (usually During Adolescence) Sensation Of The Conversion Of The Vocal Cord, The Growth Of Beard And Armpit Hair, And So On. These Effects Are Generally Male Secondary Sexual Characteristics.


The Effect Of Raw testosterone Powder on Adults Is More Pronounced In Men Than In Women But Equally Important For Both. As Age Increases, The Testosterone Dose Decreases, And These Effects Also Decrease. These Effects Include: Maintaining Muscle Strength And Quality, Maintaining Bone Density And Strength, Maintaining Libido And Erection Times, Refreshing And Improving Physical Fitness.


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