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Anabolic androgenic steroids(AAS) has been used in humans to improve performance since the 1930's. This anabolic anabolic steroid powder was a crude extract from male dog urine. Nazi paratroopers were thought to be the first to take testosterone for performance. In the fifties, Ciba developed Dianabol, and the race was then on to find the best steroid in terms of anabolic/androgenic dissociation.

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Anabolic Androgenic Steroids(AAS) Has Been Used In Humans To Improve Performance Since The 1930's. This Anabolic  anabolic Steroid Powder was A Crude Extract From Male Dog Urine. Nazi Paratroopers Were Thought To Be The First To Take Testosterone For Performance. In The Fifties, Ciba Developed Dianabol, And The Race Was Then On To Find The Best Steroid In Terms Of Anabolic/androgenic Dissociation.


Athletes And Bodybuilders Have Recognized For Several Decades That The Use Of Anabolic Steroids Can Promote Muscle Growth And Strength.


The General Consensus Is That If Used Properly, In Conjunction With Blood Tests, Anabolic Androgenic Steroids Can Be Used Safely. However, The Potential Side Effects Can Be Extreme If They Are Used Incorrectly. Most Commonly, A Lipid Profile Imbalance Which Favors Plaque Deposition In The Arteries Occurs. The Strict Diet Of Most Bodybuilders Means This Is Minimized By A Low Fat Intake.


The Generally Accepted Criteria For Starting The Use Anabolic Androgenic Steroids' Is As Follows:

1. Research And Obtain A Very Good Understanding Of What You Are Considering Putting In Your Body PRIOR To Your Cycle.


2. If You Are Under 25 Years Old It Is Possible To Incur Permanent Damage From A Cycle; There Is Also A Greater Risk Of Unwanted Side Effects.


3. Do Not Run A Cycle Without Having A PCT And An AI On Hand. If You "can't Afford" Either, Then You Can Not Afford To Run A Cycle.


4. The Best First Cycle Is A Simple First Cycle. As More Experience Is Gained And You Learn How Your Body Reacts To Gear, Cycles Can Become More Complex. Adding Two Previously Unused Elements To A Cycle Makes It Impossible To Know Which Thing May Be Causing Issues. Grow Into Your Dose.


5. Steroids Are Magic. But Just Like Any Spell, This Magic Doesn't Work Without The Right Incantation. That Incantation, In This Case, Is A Very Good Exercise Program And A Diet. With These Two In Place, Keep Your Expectations Reasonable And You'll Be Happy.


6. For Your Cycle Duration, Remain Aware Of How Your Body Is Reacting Both Physically And Emotionally. If Something Feels "off" Or "not Right", And It's Not A Known Side, It Probably Isn't Right. Typical Beginner Cycles Make People Feel Very Good Overall.


As A raw Steroid Powders  manufacturer, We Have Been Serving In Steroids Field For Over 5 Years. All Products Are In Compliance With GMP Standards And The Content Reaches 98% Above.

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