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HY 9055 of Electronic Potting Silicone Rubber - Product


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Place of Origin : Shenzhen,China
Delivery Terms : FOB Shenzhen
Delivery Time : Within 3 Days After Payment Confirmed In Our Bank
Product Capacity : 8 Ton/Tons Per Day
Payment Terms : T/T L/C

Product Description

HY 9055 silicone rubber is a kind of low viscosity, Inherent flame resistance, two components addtion cured potting silicone with heat-conducting. It cures with both on room temperature and heated temperature. It has the feature of the higher temperature the faster of the curing time. It can be applied to electronic components for insulation, waterproofing, fixed and flame retardant.

Basic Information

Brand : Hong Ye Silicone
Model : HY9055/9060
Material : Silicone
Color : Transparent

Physical Specification

Other Specification : HY 9055 Silicone Rubber For Electronic Potting Compound Is A Code Of Addition Cured Potting Silicone Similar To KCC Potting

Company Inforamtion
Shenzhen(China) Hong Ye Jie Technology Co.,Ltd
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