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Place of Origin : Shenyang,China
Delivery Terms : SEA
Delivery Time : 15days
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Product Description

Formic Acid 85%
Purity% --------------------------85min
Acetic Acid%---------------------0.6%
Sulphate as SO4% --------------0.002 max
Chloride as CL%-------------0.005max
Iron as Fe%-------------------0.0005max
Ignition Residue%---------------0.020max
Formic Acid 90%
Purity%-------------------90.0 min
Acetic Acid%-----------------0.4%
Chlorides,As CL %----------0.003 max
Sulphates(As SO4) %---------0.001 max
Metals,As Fe %------0.0004 max
Non-volatiles %------0.020 max

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Product Name: Formic Acid Chemical Formula: HCOOH Appearance: Colorless Transparent Liquid Molecular Formula: HCOOH, Molecular Weight: 46.02 Specifications: Formic Acid 85% Purity% ----------------------------------85min Acetic Acid%-------------------------------------0.6% Sulphate As SO4% ----------------------0.002 Max Chloride As CL%-------------------------0.005max Iron As Fe%-------------------------------0.0005max Ignition Residue%------------------------0.020max Formic Acid 90% Purity%---------------------------------------------90.0 Min Acetic Acid%--------------------------------------0.4% Chlorides,As CL %-----------------------------0.003 Max Sulphates(As SO4) %-------------------------0.001 Max Metals,As Fe %----------------------------------0.0004 Max Non-volatiles %---------------------------------0.020 Max Properties: At Normal Temperature, It Is A Kind Of Clear, Colorless Liquid With Characteristic Of Pungent Odor. Its Density Is 1.2201(20/4°C), Melting Point Is 8.3°C,boiling Point Is 100.8°C, Flash Point In Open Cup Is 68.9°C And Auto-ignition Temperature Is 601.1°C.It Can Be Mutually Dissolved With Water, Ethanol And Glycerol. It Is Corrodible And Reducible. Packing: In 25kg/35kg/250kg Plastic Drum,In 1200kg IBC Container Or As Your Request Application: In Medical Industryit Is Used In Making Amidopyrin, Vitamin B And Many Other Medcines. Formic Acid Is Used In Producing Methanamide, Diethyl Formamide, Rubber Age Resister, Dying ,leather And So On. It Is Aslo An Important Material For Pesticide Such As Triazone. In Other Way Formic Acid Is Considerable Used In Green Fodder Storage.

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