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Pivalic Acid, Trimethylacetic acid - Product

Place of Origin : Zibo,China

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Pivalic acid is the smallest possible tertiary carboxylic acid. Other chemical names are trimethylacetic acid and neopentanoic acid. It is a white colourless solid at ambient temperatures, liquid at 40oC, and having a pungent odour. It is a key intermediate in the manufacture of a variety of products, which typically show excellent hydrolytic stability and resistance to various chemical agents.

Physical Specification

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High Grade

First Grade

Pivalic Acid  %



Valeric %   



Moisture %



Packing: 180kg Drums.


1: Material Of Pharmaceutical Intermediates- Pivaloyl Chloride

2: For Production Of Prednisone, Ointment For Psoriasis And Dipivefrin .

3: Producing Intermediates Of Pesticide-Pinacolone

4: Serving As Additive In Production Of Soaps, Hair Shampoos And Hair Spray Jellies In Perfume Industry.


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Shandong Minji New Material Technology Co. LTd
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