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organo silane coupling agents:3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane:silane KH-550 - Product



Place of Origin : Nanjing,China
Delivery Terms : CIF
Delivery Time : Within 14 Days
Product Capacity : 800MT/YEAR
Payment Terms : TT

Product Description

It can be used in many fields: such as, Coatings, Adhesives and Sealants
Fiber glass Reinforcement,Glass Fiber and Mineral Wool Insulation,Mineral Filler and Resin Systems,Foundry,Grinding Wheel Manufacture,Wood plastic composite production

Basic Information

Brand : USI KH-550
Model : Silane KH-550
Material : Silane Coupling Agents
Color :  Colorless Transparent Liquid

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Chemical Name : Gamma-aminopropyltriethoxysilane Alias :3-Triethoxysilylpropylamine; : AMEO CAS NO. : 919-30-2 Appearance Colorless Transparent Liquid Color (Pt-Co) ≤ 25 Specific Gravity(ρ20°C, G/cm3) 0.940 € 0.950 Refractive Index() 1.4180 €1.4220 Purity(% ) ≥ 97.0 The Amino Silane Is An Excellent Adhesion Promoter In Acrylic Coatings, Adhesives And Sealants. With Polysulfide, Urethane, RTV Silicones, Epoxy, Nitrile, Phenol Formaldehyde Resin, Adhesives And Sealants, The Product Improves Pigment Dispersion And Maximizes Adhesion To Glass, Aluminum And Steel. In Fiberglass Reinforced Thermosetting Plastics And Thermoplastics, The Amino Silane Enhances The Flexural, Tensile And Interlaminar Shearing Strengths Before And After Exposure To Humidity. This Product Greatly Improves Wet Electrical Properties. Fiberglass Reinforced Thermoplastics, Polyamides, Polyesters And Polycarbonates Exhibit Increased Flexural And Tensile Strengths Before And After Wet Exposure When This Silane Is Used.The Amino Silane Maximizes The Physical And Electrical Properties Of Mineral-filled Phenolics, Polyester Resin, Epoxies, Polyamides, Polycarbonate And A Host Of Other Thermoset And Thermoplastic Composites. Wettability And Dispensability Of Filler In The Polymer Matrix Are Also Improved.The Mechanical Properties Of Composites Made Of Wood Meal, Such As Impact Strength, Bending Strength And Bending Modulus, Will Be Improved After These Composites Are Processed With This Product. The Amino Silane Promotes An Improved, Water Resistant Bond Between The Abrasive Grit And Phenolic Resin Binder. In Shell Molding, The Amino Silane Strengthens The Bond Between The Phenolic Binder And Foundry Sand.

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Nanjing Union Silicon Chemical Co., Ltd
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