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Yellow granular DAP 18-46-0 50kg diammonium phosphate fertilizer - Product

Place of Origin : Shijaizhuang,China

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Yellow granular DAP 18-46-0 50kg diammonium phosphate fertilizer
Diammonium phosphate is a kind of importand phosphate fertilizer in Agriculture fertilizer.
The standard index of diammonium phosphate is N18%, P2O548%, total content is 64%,and the pH of the solution reaches 8. 
Since the saturated solution of diammonium phosphate is alkaline, application to acidic soil can reduce the fixation of iron and aluminum to phosphorus, so that phosphorus is kept high.

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Yellow Granular DAP 18-46-0 50kg diammonium Phosphate Fertilizer

Diammonium Phosphate Is A Kind Of Importand phosphate Fertilizer in Agriculture Fertilizer.

The Standard Index Of Diammonium Phosphate Is N18%, P2O548%, Total Content Is 64%,and The PH Of The Solution Reaches 8. 

Since The Saturated Solution Of Diammonium Phosphate Is Alkaline, Application To Acidic Soil Can Reduce The Fixation Of Iron And Aluminum To Phosphorus, So That Phosphorus Is Kept High. It Is Recommended To Use diammonium Phosphate in Acidic Soil.


CAS NO.7783-28-0



Diammonium Phosphate Is A High-concentration Quick-acting Fertilizer Suitable For Various Crops And Soils. It Is Especially Suitable For Crops That Require Nitrogen And Phosphorus. It Can Be Used As Base Fertilizer Or Top Dressing.

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