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Granule/powder Steel Grade n20.5 ammonium sulphate fertilizer - Product

Place of Origin : Shijaizhuang,China

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Granule/powder Steel Grade n20.5 ammonium sulphate fertilizer
A good nitrogen fertilizer (commonly known as fertilizer powder) is suitable for general soil and crops. Phosphate Fertilizer can make branches and leaves grow vigorously, improve fruit quality and yield, and enhance the resistance of crops to disasters. It can be used as base fertilizer, topdressing fertilizer and seed fertilizer.
Ammonium sulfate can double decompose with salt to produce ammonium chloride, react with aluminium sulfa

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Granule/powder Steel Grade N20.5 ammonium Sulphate Fertilizer

A Good nitrogen Fertilizer (commonly Known As Fertilizer Powder) Is Suitable For General Soil And Crops. Phosphate Fertilizer can Make Branches And Leaves Grow Vigorously, Improve Fruit Quality And Yield, And Enhance The Resistance Of Crops To Disasters. It Can Be Used As Base Fertilizer, Topdressing Fertilizer And Seed Fertilizer.

Ammonium Sulfate Can Double Decompose With Salt To Produce Ammonium Chloride, React With Aluminium Sulfate To Produce Ammonium Alum, And Make Refractories Together With Boric Acid. The Conductivity Can Be Increased By Adding Electroplating Bath. It Is Also A Catalyst For Food Sauce Color, A Nitrogen Source For Cultivating Yeast In The Production Of Fresh Yeast, An Auxiliary Dyeing Agent For Acid Dyes And A Deashing Agent For Leather. In Addition, It Is Also Used In Beer Brewing, Chemical Reagents And Battery Production.

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Hebei Xue Run Biological Technology Co., Ltd
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