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Powder Boric Acid, - Product

Place of Origin : Shijiahzuang,China

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Hebei Chisure Biotechnology Co.,Ltd specialized in Pharmaceutical Intermediates. We can offer your varies Cains products, such as Lidocaine, lidocaine HCl, benzocaine, benzocaien HCl. procaine, procaine HCl, Tetracaine, phenacetin,boric acid flakes, boric acid powder..
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Color : WHITE

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Hebei Chisure Biotechnology Co.,Ltd Specialized In Pharmaceutical Intermediates. We Can Offer Your Varies Cains Products, Such As Lidocaine, Lidocaine HCl, Benzocaine, Benzocaien HCl. Procaine, Procaine HCl, Tetracaine, Phenacetin,boric Acid Flakes, Boric Acid Powder..

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Whatsapp/Signal : +8613292891350  /  Wickr: Aimee156

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Hebei Chisure Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
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