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Place of Origin : Guangzhou,China
Delivery Terms : 10days
Delivery Time : 3-6days
Product Capacity : 90%
Payment Terms : T/T

Product Description

Quick Detail:
Product name: 1, 3-dimethyl-pentylamine hydrochloride
CAS No.: 13803-74-2
Appearance: white powder or solid white powder
Assay: 98.5% min.
Moisture: 0.5% max.
Melting point: 120-130 degree celsius
MF: C7H17N.HCl
Molecular weight: 151.72
Storage: Store in cool and dry places
Usage: Pharmaceutical intermediates, with the treatment of malaria and anticancer effects, fine organic synthesis and catalyst, and other health products ect.

Basic Information

Brand : 1, 3-dimethyl-pentylamine Hydrochloride
Material : 1, 3-dimethyl-pentylamine Hydrochloride
Color :  White Powder Or Solid White Powder

Physical Specification

Weight : Molecular Weight: 151.72
Other Specification : Detail Description: Dimethylpentylamine Was First Used In Nasal Decongestants And Nutritional Supplements. Since 1944, It Has Been Used For Nutritional Supplements. Dimethylpentylamine Has Become A Famous Substance . It Wasn't Co-opted For Being Used In Nasal Decongestants For Many Years, When It Was Found That Dimethylpentylamine Has Smaller Side Effects On Peoples' Blood Vessel Construction. Recently, Dimethylpentylamine Has Been Widely Used In Energy Supplement For Weight Loss And Bodybuilding , As Well As For Substances That Are Amphetamine-like. What's More, Dimethylpentylamine Was Used In AMP2 And AMP Energy Supplements,considered By Their Developping Low Side Effects In Comparison To Ephedrine. In Health Care Products, 1, 3-dimethylamylamine Can Increase Energy, Refreshing, And Improve The Body's Energy, Particularly Effective To Athletes Caloric Restriction Or Gather Energy. At The Same Time, To Reduce Weight, 1, 3-dimethylamine Hydrochloride (DMAA) Can Improve Levels Of A AMP, Promote Adipose Decompose In The Body. 1,3-dimethyleamine Hydrochloride (DMAA) In The Health Products Used In Losing Weight Can Be Reduced Significantly Low Appetite, Inhibit Thermal Effect. Reports Show 1, 3-dimethyleamine Hydrochloride (DMAA) Can Increase The Physical Fitness, Improve Concentration, Significantly Suppress Appetite, Curb Hyperactive. Benifits: 1. Improve Menopausal Problem. 2. Has The Characteristics Of Geranium Diuresis, Can Help To Liver, Kidney Discharges Poison. 3. Stimulate Lymph System To Avoid Infection, Eliminate Waste. Strengthen Circulation System, Make Cycle More Smooth. 4. A Kind Of Sweet The Insect Repellent 5. Used In Nasal Decongestants And Nutritional Supplements. 6. Widely Used In Energy Supplement For Weight Loss And Bodybuilding.

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