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Place of Origin : Changchun,China

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Meniscus Lenses

UV Grade Fused Silica Meniscus Lenses from CLZ Optics

One Side Of Meniscus Lens Is Convex, Another Side Is Concave. It Can Be A Convergent Lens Or A Divergent Lens, Which Is Decided Together By Refractive Index, Curvature And Radius.
CLZ Manufacturing Ranges
Materials: Over 120 Visible Materials, Fused Silica
Sizes: 15mm To 150mm
Surface Accuracy: 1/10λ
Surface Quality: 80/50 To 10/5
Radii: 5mm To Plano, +/-.1% Tolerances Or Better

UV Grade Fused Silica Meniscus Lenses have One Convex And One Concave surface. The Meniscus Lenses Can Be Useful To Control Laser Beam Of Appropriate Wavelength, It Can Minimise The Spherical Aberration.

We Manufacturing The UV Grade Fused Silica Lenses And Coating Multiayer AR Coating For 250-400nm On Both Surface.

Company Inforamtion
Changchun Long Ze Precision Optics Co., Ltd
[ Manufacturer - China ]
 : No. 1636 Jinchuan Street
 : 86-0431-80532823

 : Royan
 : 86-0431-80532823
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