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HD-M CAS No.: 142-30-3 Chemical Name:HD-M(2,5-dimethyl-2,5-hexyneldiol) Appearance:White Solid Content:>=97% Dosage:50-200mg/L Application: Intermediate For Semi-brightener For Nickel Plating Package: 1kg/bag, 10kg/box Read More


DEP Chemical Name: N,N-diethylaminopropyne Molecular Formula: C7H13N CAS.#: 4079-68-9 Appearance: Colorless To Yellowish Transparent Liquid Assay: >=98% Dosage: 5-10mg/L  Water Solubility: Well Soluble In Water Application: Leveling Age ...Read More


PPS Chemical Name: Pyridinium Propyl Sulphobetaine Empirical Formula: C8H11NO3S Molecular Weight: 201.2 CAS No. 1547-17-7 Appearance: White Crystalline Powder  Content ≥99% PH: 2.5-6 Solubility(20℃): 60( In Water) Melting ...Read More


ALS Product Description ALS Sodium Allyl Sulphonate CAS NO: 2495-39-8 Nickel Electroplating Chemical, Water Treatment Chemical  Characteristic: Appearance Colorless To Yellowish Liquid Assay(%) ≥25.0-35.0 PH 6-9 Density 1.22-1.28 ...Read More


SSO3 Chemical Name:SSO3(Derivatives From 3- Chloro-2-hydroxy-rpopylsulfonate, Sodium Salt) Appearance: Clear Colorless Liquid Content: 50% Dosage:10-20mg/L Application: It Is A Kind Of Intermediate For Nickel Plating. Impurity Toleranc ...Read More