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The Stackers With Multiple Specifications Made By Our Company Can Be Used For Small-sized Glass To Large-sized Glass. The Machine Can Stack The Glass Tidily And Operates Smoothly. Our Company Can Produce The Stackers According To The Customers' R ...Read More


Used In Float Glass And Ultra Clear Patterned Glass Production Line, It Includes The Shell Of The Annealing Lehr, Transmission, Hot Air Circulation System, Electric Heating System And Control System. Read More


The Powder-spraying Gun Is A New Technical Equipment Which Replaces Traditional Mildew-proof Paper To Isolate The Glass For Packaging. It Can Not Only Reduce The Production Cost But Also Guarantee The Company's Economic Benefits. It Has A Good Po ...Read More


The L-shaped Wall Is Used At The Front Wall Of The Furnace. Distance Between The Foot Line Of L-shaped Wall And Top Surface Of Sidewall Is Short,  allows Thinner Batch Feeding So That The Batch Can Be Melted More Easily. Read More


After A Dozen Times Of Improvements By Our Engineers And Technicians, Our Cold End Equipment Has Already Become Well-received By Our Customers And Has Been Installed Onto Several Production Lines. It Adopts Frequency Modulation And Speed Regulation S ...Read More


Horizontal Drawing Machine Is A Very Important Equipment Made By Our Company And Is A Widely Used Complete Operation System In Sheet Glass Forming By Drawing, Annealing, Conveying, Cold End Cutting, Sheet Picking Up Etc. Based On Belgian Horizontal D ...Read More


It Is Applied To Large Size Doghouse. A Couple Of Chargers Are Linked Together So As To Reduce Their Distance. In This Way, It Can Well Solve The Batch Off-track Problem And Cancel The Water Drum In The Middle Of Batch Tank. The Batch Could Be Evenly ...Read More


We Carry Out Turnkey Project In Terms Of The Requirement Of Customers, Including Design, Manufacture, Installation And Commissioning Of All The Steps For The Production Of Float Glass. Main Equipment Includes Batching Plant, Melting Furnace, Annealin ...Read More


The Air Table Is A Practical Flat Glass Collecting Device With Fumaroles Evenly Distributed On Its Surface. The Compressed Air Flow Shoot Up From The Fumaroles Can Give An Auxiliary Lifting Force For The Glass Products On The Conveying Line, Thus Can ...Read More


The Top Roller Installed At The Both Sides Of The Tin Bath Can Effectively Control The Width And Thickness Of The Gross Glass Ribbon. Read More