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Oil Refining Processes Are The Chemical Engineering Processes And Other Facilities Used In Petroleum Refineries (also Referred To As Oil Refineries) To Transform Crude Oil Into Useful Products Such As Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Gasoline Or Petrol ...Read More


Let We To Konw Solvent Recovery Plant: Solvent Can Be Recovered Name Of Solvent Name Of Solvent Methanol Isopropanol Ethanol (Can Reach Absolute Ethyl Alcohol) Acetonitrile Methylbenzene Ethyl Acetate Acetone THF Dichloromethane DMF Method Of ...Read More


Vacuum Distillation Unit (VDU): Vacuum Distillation Unit In Refinery Further Distills The Residue Oil From The Bottom Of The Crude Oil Distillation Unit. The Vacuum Distillation Is Performed At A Pressure Well Below Atmospheric Pressure. The Vacuum D ...Read More


Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU): SRU Sulfur Recovery Unit Is Widely Used To Recover Sulfur-containing, Poisonous Acidic Gas In Oil Refinery Process. The Most Commonly Used Process In Sulfur Recovery Is Claus Unit, Which Is To Burn The Incoming Gas With O ...Read More


Semi-regenerative Reforming (SRR): With The Help Of Heating, Hydrotreating And Catalyst, Semi Regenerative Catalytic Reforming Is A Process Which Is Used To Convert Petroleum Refinery Naphtha Distilled From Crude Oil (typically Having Low Octane Rati ...Read More