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Product Category: Office Magnets/whiteboard Magnets/transparent Whiteboard Magnets Product Material: Transparent Plastic(PS)+ferrite Disc Magnets Available Size: D15 X 8mm , D20 X 8mm, D30 X 9mm, D40 X 9mm Available Color: Red, Orange, Ye ...Read More


Office Magnets Is A Simple Application Of Magnets In Office Or Home. It’s Composed Of Magnets(neodymium Power Magnets Or Hard Ferrite Magnets) And Plastic/metal House. Magnets Are Covered By The Colorful Plastic House.The House Provides Perfect Pro ...Read More


Are You Looking For Reliable Smco Magnet Manufacturers? We Have Smco Magnets For Sale! Category: Rare Earth Magnets/ Samarium-Cobalt Magnets/ SmCo Magnets Advantages: Highest Coercive Force; Highest Working Temperature; Good Temperature Stability ...Read More


Category: Rubber Magnets/ Flexible Magnets Advantages: Can Be Made Into Complex Shape Without Mechanical Processing Disadvantages: Low Magnetic Energy And Low Working Temperature Product Description Rubber Magnets Are Compounded By The Mat ...Read More


Category: Hard Ferrite Magnets/ Ceramic Magnets Advantages: Coercive Force Is High;strong Resistance To Demagnetization,suitable For Dynamic Working Magnetic Circuit Structure;good Corrosion Resistance,surface Treatment Not Needed Disadvantage ...Read More