Used As A Fatigue Recovery Agent, Widely Used In Food And Beverage Additives. The Present Invention Is Directed To A Third Generation Form Of Creatine, Specifically A Creatine Hydrochloride Salt, That Drives Significant Improvements In Muscle Deve ...Read More


L-arginine Is A Precursor To Nitric Oxide (NO). NO Is A Signalling Molecule That Induces Vasodilation, Relaxes Smooth Muscle Tissue And Reduces Ammonia Accumulations, To Name Only A Few Of Its Many Physiological Functions. L-arginine Is A Kind Of ...Read More


Are You Looking For A Agrochemicals Supplier? Agrochemicals(agro Chemicals Dmpp) Refer To Fertilizers, Pesticides, Veterinary Drugs And Growth Regulators Used In Agricultural Production Which Can Promote The Production Of Edible Agricultural Product ...Read More


3,4-Dimethylpyrazole (phosphate) (3,4-DMPP) Is An Inhibitor Of Nitrification Deemed Safe By Extensive Standard Toxicology And Ecotoxicology Tests. 1When Utilized Oncrops, 3,4-DMPP Prevents Nitrogen Loss From Soil, Increases Nitrogen Use Efficiency, A ...Read More


D-isoascorbic Acid (isoascorbic Acid, D-araboascorbic Acid, (D-)erythroascorbic Acid) Is A Stereoisomer Of Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C), A Reaction Between Methyl 2-keto-D-gluconate And Sodium Methoxide Synthesize It. It's Also Be Synthesized From Sucro ...Read More