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Equipment Work Characteristics: ? This Solar Panel EL Test Unit, Using 1600W Pixel Camera (other Pixels Optional 800W, 2400W). ? Resolution:4928*3264 ? It Is Suitable For The Detection Of Various Specifications Of Solar Panels ,the Utility Mo ...Read More


1. The Stringer Is A Single Track Automatic Tabber Stringer For Solar Cells 2. Up To 1300 Cells/hour With Single Track 3. High Flexibility For 2BB/3BB/4BB/5BB/6BB Solar Cells 4. Works With Different Kind Of Cells Including Cut Cells With Wid ...Read More


? EL Online Detection, Single Pixel Camera 1600W, Other (800W, 2400W) Pixel Optional. ? Ths Reflection, The Height Of The Working Platform Of 950mm, The Long Side Into The Long Side Out. ? This Device With Built-in Correction Function, Ensure Th ...Read More