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Classification: Pharmaceutical Intermediates Cas NO.: 441045-17-6 Molecular Formula: C41H63NO14S Stability: Null Purity: 98% Appearance: Null Usage: Chemical Brand Name: No Brand EINECS: 813-106-4 Aliase: Eribulin Mesylate Purity: 98% Appe ...Read More


Classification: Pharmaceutical Intermediates Cas NO.: 1783-96-6 Molecular Formula: C4H7NO4 Melting Point: 300 Boiling Point: 264.1oC At 760 MmHg Stability: Stable Under Normal Temperatures And Pressures. Refractive Index:-25 ° (C=8, 50% HCl) ...Read More


Classification: Antibiotic And Antimicrobial Agents Cas NO.: 137234-62-9 Molecular Formula: C16H14F3N5O Melting Point: 127-130°C Boiling Point: 508.6°C At 760 MmHg Stability: Null Refractive Index:1.616 Flash Point: 261.4°C Purity: 99% Ap ...Read More


Classification: Pharmaceutical Intermediates Cas NO.: 23356-96-9 Molecular Formula: C5H11NO Melting Point: Boiling Point: 74-76? (2 Torr) Stability: Stable At Room Temperature In Closed Containers Under Normal Storage And Handling Conditions. R ...Read More


Classification: Food Additives Cas NO.: 56786-63-1 Molecular Formula: C27H42O5 Packaging & Delivery Packaging Detail: Delivery Detail: Detailed Description Spirostan-6-one, 3,5-dihydroxy-, (3b,5a,25R)-;5a-hydroxy Laxogenin;DI 31;Brassinostero ...Read More