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Hexsteel 1.With The Excellent Flexibility, High Strength And Abrasion, Erosion Resistant Characteristics, Hexsteel Mainly Used To Fasten The Refractory Ducts Linings,etc. Catalytic Cracker, Reactors, Cyclones And “u” Actifier Ducts In ...Read More


Metal Ring Mesh Metal Ring Mesh, Made Of Carbon Wire Or Stainless Steel Wire, Is Composed Of Big Rings Connect Together. It Is Another Kind Of New Decorative Materials In The Modern Architectural Design Territory. Anping Huilong Ring Mesh Can Be ...Read More


Our Aluminum Expanded Metal Is A Very Versatile Product Made From A High-quality Sheet Of Aluminum That Is Uniformly Slit And Stretched, Forming Openings In The Sheet That Allow For The Passage Of Light, Air, Heat And Sound. The Strands And Bonds Of ...Read More


The Stainless Steel Wire Rope Ferruled Mesh, The Wire Ropes Are Neither Knotted Nor Crossed, It Is A Construction Based On Stainless Steel Wire Ropes That Lie Parallel In Pairs Connected And Reciprocally Curved By Stainless Steel Ferrules. The Wire R ...Read More


Hesco Barrier 1. The Hesco Barrier Or Hesco Bastion Is A Modern Gabion For Military Fortification. It Is Made Of A Collapsible Wire Mesh Container And Heavy Duty Fabric Liner, And Used As A Temporary Blast Or Small-arms Barrier. One Of The Less He ...Read More


WIRE GAUGE MESH SIZE WIRE GAUGE MESH SIZEL BWG14 25mm BWG16 25mm BWG14 25x50mm BWG16 25x50mm BWG14 50x50mm BWG16 50x50mm BWG14 50x75mm BWG16 50x75mm BWG14 50x100mm BWG16 50x100mm BWG15 25mm BWG17 25mm BWG15 25x50mm BWG17 25x50mm BWG15 50x50mm ...Read More


Stucco Mesh Materials: Low Carbon Steel Wire. Stainless Steel Wire. Weaving Method: Normal Twisted, Reverse Twisted. Features: Hot Dipped Galvanized,Electro-galvanized, Pvc Coated/ The Mesh Is Firm In Structure And Has Flat Surface. It Ha ...Read More


Product Informations Wire Diameter: 4-5mm Mesh Size: 75x75mm Panel Size: 2.21mx2.13m, 1.37mx1.06m, 0.61mx0.61m, It Also Can Be Customized According To Customer’s Requirement Geotextile: In Heavy Duty Non-woven Polypropylene Finish: Hot Di ...Read More