Zibo Ruibao Chemical Co., Ltd - Zibo, China


Zibo Ruibao Chemical Co., Ltd mainly manufacture chemical products, such as formic acid, calcium formate, sodium sulfate, and neopentyl glycol, etc. Due to the ascendant location in high-tech development zone, in connection with the potent neighbours of several large and medium-sized enterprises such as sinopec Qilu company Ltd., Shandong Xinhua pharmaceutical company Ltd., Shandong pesticide industry Co. Ltd and so on, the advantaged chemical resourses lay stable foundations for the high quality, high quantatity and low cost of our products. We have the production capacity of 5000-6000 tons for formic acid 85%( GB/T2093-93) for industrial use, 8000 tons for calcium formate and 7000 tons for Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous with high quality and good credibility, anticipating to gain the aim of 70 million output value per year. So far, our products have been widely used in the fields of medicine, feedingstuff, construct, leahterworking, false hair, plywood and fine chemical.

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