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Our company named Xuzhou Zhongxin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd situated in China, a experienced company in supplying Dry-Mixed Mortar plants providing high efficiency, precision and flexibility in production, - the designing, manufacture, installment, commissioning and training service on the dry mix plant, as well as the selling of equipment for dry mortar produce purpose,.
To say in a detailed way:

i.We supply total plant projects and related services from engineering to commissioning with long experience and extensive know-how of dry mix technology. Our delivery program includes Turnkey Dry Mix Mortar plant, equipped with the state-of-the-art Fluidization Systems, Dosing and Weighing systems, Control System and the packaging, Dust Removing System, Transfer System.
ii.The plant supplied by Zhongxin, is gravity based – the dried sand and other raw materials are brought up to the top of the mixing tower, thereafter, all materials transfer takes place by gravity. Within this system, the key fact is the discharge and dosing system based on fluidization technology, working with the use of a double flap dosing valve to ensure the accurate fine feed of additives, smaller built-in valve for fine feeding is placed inside of the main valve. This system benefits guaranteeing high accuracy at high capacity and less maintenance. And all the plant is a compact one.
iii.Advanced control system, consisted of Human-Machine Interface, Batch Controllers, PLC, IPC based operator terminals, the realization of one-whole network communication by connectivity, and through the co-work with the peripheral operation equipment, realized the full process automatic control and management for dosing, feeding and mixing.
Projects supplied to customers with our quality professional prevailing technology, broad practical experience and our know-how ; including the Famous Companies: Henkel, Sika China, Owens Corning, STO, S3 (Singapore), Shanghai Caoyang Construction Adhesives

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