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Xiangtan Shenzhou Special Cable Co., Ltd, is a reputed manufacturer of military cables we have quality in Research and Development for military special cable, as well as Commercial special cables. Our product brand Sanco includes temperature resistant aerospace cable, light type temperature resistant aerospace cable, high temperature control cables, anti-electromagnetic pulse special shielding requirement cable. We also manufacture high temperature radio frequency cable, computer control cable, light type low smoke and halogen free cable for shipboard, low smoke and halogen free control cable, communication cable, power cable and so on. We are proud of our military products are used in Space Research and Development projects such as (Long March) Chang E Rocket launch vehicle and Chinas manned space program, and we being Merited by the General Armaments Department of China.
In the same time, we are the shareholder of the company Xiangtan Wire & Cable Co, Ltd ,which was founded in March of 1996, The Speed Cable brand series wire and cable of our company was awarded the
China Famous Trademark.
At present, our products have been widely applicable to fields of aerospace, weapon, and shipboard, nuclear industry also in the fields of State Railway Engineering, State Hydraulic Works and Power Generation Engineering, Power Engineering, Chemical Industry, Mine Engineering etc. In recent years our products have been exported to Venezuela, Sasan and Chandrapur in India, Vietnam and Bangladesh etc.
At the same time our company is Advancing production and sales of cable compounds Our factory products of low smoke and halogen free compounds of Monosil silane cross-linked polyethylene compound and PVC compounds etc.Our company has advanced production facility and integrated management system, we also have good cooperation with many universities and research institutes in addition we can customize the cable and cable compound.

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