Xiamen Kingsearch Chemicals Co., Ltd. - Xiamen, China


Xiamen Kingsearch Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of wood based activated carbon from China. We produce chemically activated carbon from sawdust, a natural renewable resource. Wood based activated carbon has greater purity and superior performance than other raw material alternatives because of its higher surface area and pore volume per gram. Our carbon products have been widely used in water, beverage, food, sweetener, pharmaceutical, chemical, gas, air and environmental industries, in the adsorption process to remove impurities from fluids and gases. As a leading producer of wood based activated carbon, we are fully committed to the continuous development of this technology in order to providing our customer with more cost-effective solutions. A wide range of different grades carbon products are offered in form of powdered activated carbon, granular activated carbon and Pelletized activated carbon to meet different customer needs.

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