Wire Mesh International - Hengshui, China


Woven Wire Mesh Sieve Test sieve meshes are produced to minimal tolerances using specially designed looms, giving highly precise results for both test and production processes. Our products are manufactured using high alloyed stainless steels, guaranteeing advanced resistance to corrosion and easy cleaning. Wire mesh sieves are used in the following industries: Sieving and fractionating of foundry and form sand Concrete production Production of washing powder Production of foodstuffs Chemical and pharmaceutical processes Research and development WireMesh.Org members supply wire mesh sieves in all mesh types, sizes and frame materials. In addition to the full range of wire mesh sieves, we also supply top quality stainless steel woven wire and perforated plate test sieves at very competitive prices. Half-height Wire Sieves: Available in diameters of 100, 200, 300mm and 3, 8 and 12 inches with the complete range of woven wire mesh or perforated plate sieving

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