Ural Compressor Plant Jsc - Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation



The Ural Compressor plant manufactures air/gas piston compressors of low and high pressure, diaphragm compressor units, mobile compressor stations, screw compressors, reciprocating expanders.
The units are equipped with automatic control and emergency protection. The units are easy to service, reliable and have long service life. The compressors are widely used in metallurgy, chemical, oil and gas, coal industries etc.
The Ural Compressor Plant offers products and services for the generation, treatment and delivery of compressed air. Our principle is to optimize customer satisfaction through the package approach that includes:
1) Analysis, consultation and planning.
2) Spare parts. The most important spare parts are held ready.
3) Service contracts.
4) After-sales service.
5) Installation and mounting.
6) Working out of new products and adaptation of the manufactured
7) products according to the customers' technical demands.
8) If you are our customer, we are ready to train your engineers and workers.
Most energetic stations of Russia and some foreign countries are supplied with our compressors.
They are imported to Egypt, India, Cuba, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Singapore, Syria, Indonesia, Pakistan and former soviet countries (more than 30 countries)

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Balimela Power Station (India)
GAZPROM (Russia)

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