TRADE 4 YOU LTD - Manchester, United Kingdom


In its global export territories, Trade4youltd operates as the sales, marketing and logistics arm for two leading producers of natural soda ash in the United Kingdom. We are committed to providing unparalleled support that allows our customers to better manage their supply chains, minimize costs and increase efficiency. This, together with our ability to supply high quality soda ash, has uniquely positioned us to help our customers produce superior glass, detergent, chemical and other products to meet worldwide consumer demand. Carbonic acid disodium salt Name: Sodium carbonate CAS: 497-19-8;7542-12-3 Molecular Formula: Na2CO3 Molecular Weight: 105.99 Sodium carbonate anhydrous Sodium carbonate solution soda ash disodium carbonate Sodium carbonate-12C, 13C-depleted calcined soda Carbonic acid disodium salt Sodium carbonate,high-purity Sodium carbonate,dense SODA ASH LIGHT Anhydrous Sodium carbonate carbonic acid, sodium salt Carbonic acid, sodium salt Caswell No. 752 Soda (VAN)

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