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About Hezhi Machinery


Qingdao Hezhi  Machine Group is a manufacturer for Foundry Machinery & Shot Blasting Machine since 2005.

Products cover Moulding Equipment,Sand Reclamation Equipment, Sand Mixer, Dust Collector and full-line Shot Blasting Machines.


Our philosophy: Professional, Efficienct, Loyal,
Our mission: To creat core vlaue for our customer, our staff and our company.

Quality Control System of Hezhi Machine Group:


1. The equipment raw materials (steel) &all accessories are strictly selected. Our suppliers are long-term cooperative and reputable companies to ensure that the materials meet domestic and international standards.

2.Professional engineers with15 years rich experience provide professional & accurate detailed drawings and recommendations that meet customer all requirements, proficient in various technical parameters of the equipment,also will provide professional help & solution for customers use and maintenance.

3. The workshop employees have many years of work experience in production and manufacturing, and the company also will regularly train to ensure that production strictly follows all requirements of the process, drawings and contracts.

4. Workshop equipment is regularly maintained and optimized, and the company is still planning new workshops and introducing more advanced new production equipment.

5. The quality inspection department will conduct strict quality inspection on all raw materials, accessories and all products produced to ensure the good quality of each equipment. Eliminate worries for customers.

6. The client manager have many years of export experience, can better serve customers from various countries, and will also participate in the inspection of equipment and work with the quality inspection department to ensure product quality.manager will updating the production process to clients by sending pictures and videos every week.

7. Perfect after-sales service to solve customers’ worries.


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