SaoSA Technology International Ltd - Xiamen, China


As the largest manufacturer of glass lamination resin in China, we have a strong confidence in serving you very well, not only in good quality, but also in competitive pricing. SaoSA resin is one-component, read-to-use liquid resin. You don't need to mix the resin with other catalyst before casting. The curing time of SaoSA resin is also very short. It is just 30-50 minutes by exposing to UV-A lights or sunlight.

The quality of SaoSA resin was proved for decades and it has been exported to more than 50 countries in the world. SaoSA resin has already passed a series of Europe Standards Testing with the test reports and CE certifications. As one of most famous brands for glass laminating resin, you can also find SaoSA’s stands in most of important fairs and exhibitions.

At present, there are three types of SaoSA resin available, as below,

SaoSA UV-H: with higher impact strength resistance, suitable for architectural laminated glass.
SaoSA UV-S: in low viscosity and higher transparency, for general laminated glass
SaoSA UV-B: for bullet resistant laminated glass

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