Rdercorp - Wangfang, China


RderCorp North Husbandry Machinery is one of the world's environment-friendly energy-saving product factory. The company continued investments in energy-saving products, and effective research, to create value for consumers worldwide. roducts of the company is to create cool in the summer, including cellulose cooling pads, air cooler, wall-cooling pad, large exhaust fan Circulation fan, and so on.

We offer to our customer a wide range of Eco Cool Evaporative Cooling Pads, which are made from excellent quality raw materials.

* Industrial & Commercial Spaces
* Green Houses * Dairy & Poultry Farms
More efficient : Cross corrugated and resin treated media allows better wett ability and more effective
Durable : These Eco Cool Evaporative Cooling Pads are specially engineered rigid structure with anti-rot chemicals prevents sagging, resists clogging and inhibits spread of bacteria.
Compatible : Retrofits easily and is compatible with all air handling systems.

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