Newfoton Group Limited - Anshan, China


Newfoton Group Limited located Anshan City, where is called steel city� in China. Newfoton Group Limited was established in 1996,which was mainly specialized in mining, the spare parts of industrial product design and production, the production process and technology level are leading in industry. The major product are heavy casting, forging, slewing and transmission, the application fields covers mining, metallurgy, engineering machinery, Marine spare parts, nuclear power, chemical industry, clean energy, etc. The company owned 75 and 20 tons of EAF, 40 tons of VOD furance, annealing furnace, heat treatment furnace, hydraulic press of 2500 tons and 8000 tons, gear shaping machines, gear hobbing machines, 16 meters lathe, 8 meters lathe and other excellent equipment . Maximum single castings can be made 140 tons piece, forging can be made 80 tons. We offered girth gear, heavy duty reducer, slag pot, bearing housing, heavy industrial products etc to home and abroad for long time.

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