Luoyang Longhua Heat Transfer & Energy Conservation Co., Ltd. - Henan, China


Contact person:Liu Yiwei

Luoyang Longhua Heat Transfer & Energy Conservation Co., Ltd. ("LLH"for short) is located in Luoyang Airport Industrial Area, Luoyang of Henan Province in central China.With a registered capital of RMB 880 million, LLH went public on Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code:300263) in 2011.As the largest R&D and manufacturing base in China for air cooled heat exchanger and hybrid evaporative condenser,LLH is the only listed company that specializes in manufacture of such equipment.LLH has four wholly-owned subsidiaries,which are Luoyang Longhua Heat Transfer & Energy Conservation Equipment Branch Company,Beijing CM Environmental Engineering Co.,Ltd.,Binhai Jushan Water Industry Development Co., Ltd.,and Luoyang Sifon Electric Materials Co.,Ltd.
LLH has developed a whole range of products of air cooled heat exchangers and energy-efficient hybrid coolers/condensers with independent intellectual properties,which have filled in several gaps in terms of China's cooling and heat transfer technologies,and created a new concept of the technological reform in China.As a leader in the development of industrial cooling/condensing technologies in China, LLH has turned process industries into factory standard products,which is a technological breakthrough in the entire industry.

Firmly grasping the pulse of the times,LLH has become a remarkable innovative enterprise based on its technical strength on environmental protection and energy conservation."For better use of limited resources on earth",shouldering the mission,LLH is committed to R&D and application of quality heat transfer equipment,and becoming a world-renowned R&D and manufacturing enterprise for industrial heat transfer equipment.

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