LEAP ELECTRONIC - Taipei, Taiwan, Province Of China


Leap Electronic was established in 1980, located in TangChen Industrial Park, Sanchung city, Taipei. To help our customers establish completed development system has always been our priority. Due to our company involves in the field of IC test and programming equipments deeply, we have good long-term partner relationships with both foreign IC manufacturers such as ATMEL, INTEL, MICROCHIP, FREESCALE, NXP, SPANSION, ST, SST, RENESAS, etc. and domestic IC manufacturers like UMC, WINBOND, MXIC, EON, ESMT, HOLTEK, AMIC, SYNCMOS, etc.

Because of our outstanding performances in R&D, Leap not only meets customer's ODM & OEM requests but also focuses on the promotion of our own brand. For example, we ourselves manufacture IC programmer, emulator, IC tester and interface protector in a name
of Leap. The above merchandises we mentioned have good reliability and ISO-9001 certification. Leap's Gang programmer especially gets good reputations from
our clients. Leap has been expanding its product line and devoting to the development of measuring instruments. We also produce the first Taiwan -madestand - alone logic analyzer in a name of Leaptronix.

Leap has lots of hands-on experiences in current products, semiconductor equipments and educational electronic goods, and also has many skilled R&D engineers. Our distributors spread all over the world and offer well-organized internet sales, rapid technical service. To promote Leap's products all over the world, Leap obtains ISO 9001 certification and absolutely guarantees customers the best quality. Leap devotes ourselves to keep training professional team, promoting the image of organization and increasing market share, so we have established four branches in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and Dongguan to provide customers well-organized and professional services.

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