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Jiangsu Novotech Electronic technology co.,ltd is a professional company which offers automatic control devices and system integral solution. Novotech was established in 2011. After years of devotion on marketing and technology research, Novotech has won an excellent reputation by offering stable and consistent products to domestic and oversea equipment manufacturers.
The main motion control products of Novotech include: Hybrid stepper motor, stepper driver, hybrid servo, low voltage servo, integrated motor drive and professional CNC system based on independent style stepper controller. Our products are widely applied to electrical, machinery, measurement, laser, medical, textile, package and advertising industries for a long time.
The core of the equipment manufacturing industry is the precision motion control. Novotech stands for Novo and Technology. Firmly believing in the craftsman spirit and sustainable Innovation, Novotech develops series of universal products with great representativeness. Customized products with targeted features can be developed according to different clients’ requirements to help them to reduce the cost, shorten their development cycle and improve their production efficiency.

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