Henan Qingzhou Cable Co., Ltd. - Zheng Zhou, China


?Henan Qingzhou Cable Co., Ltd. belongs to Henan Qingzhou Group. A comprehensive enterprise specializing in the research, manufacturing, production, sales and service of wires, cables and refractory materials. Products include overhead bare conductors, overhead insulated cables, PVC/XLPE armored/non-armored power cables below 36kv, concentric service cables, control cables, construction wires and cables, solar/photovoltaic wires and cables, etc. At the same time, we sell ADSS, OPGW, OPPC cable fittings (tension clamps, suspension clamps, optical cable joint boxes, etc.), medium and low-voltage overhead insulation cable accessories, substation fittings and insulators, overhead transmission line fittings and insulators, etc.

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