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Hefei Polymeric Radiation Technology Co., Ltd. (RadiaChem) is a high-tech enterprise which applies cobalt 60-γ to radiate and synthesize high performance water-based latex. The motto of RadiaChem is "Innovation, Pragmaticism and Dedication". Our company has been devoted to the construction of the technological innovation system and tried our best to be the industry leader and innovator in radiation emulsion polymerization field. As early as in 1988, Mr. Zhu Shouyu, the chairman of our company, took part in an important research project in the Textile Department of the PRC and won the third prize. For a long time, Zhu has always advocated talent training and paid attention to the innovation. Now he leads a research group with six doctors, professors and sixteen graduates. Cooperating with Hefei University of Technology, our company forms a new research and development center, which gives an inexhaustible force to the development of the company and business.

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